Lip Front Aprons

single bowl fireclay kitchen sinks with reversible front apron lips

Sapphire Blue

SPECIFICATIONS:     30"      36"  

With its innovative reversible front apron lips, this sink allows you to effortlessly switch between two distinct styles: one side featuring a sleek, minimalist 2" lip, and the other side showcasing a charmingly detailed 2-1/2" lip.

Crafted from premium fireclay, this sink combines durability with timeless elegance, ensuring long-lasting performance and enduring beauty.

Choose versatility and transform your culinary space with ease.

30" and 36" fireclay kitchen sink with reversible decorative 2-1/2" lip front apron on one side and 2" lip on the other:

  • Efficient water drainage with 3-1/2” center drain location.
  • Gloss finish – a modern touch of sophistication.
  • Sink is finished on all four sides.
  • Recommended that sinks be supplied to your cabinetmaker prior to the fabrication of your cabinets and countertops. 
  • Stainless steel grid available (sold separately)
    30" - GR2514 & 36" - GR3214.
  • Recommended drains — RNW35, RNW50 or WH200.