Meet Our Team

we collaborate with the best

We are fortunate enough to call these people our neighbours and friends. They have welcomed us into the space we now call our home. We are the craftspeople of the southeast coast, sharing similar visions by creating beautiful, consciously produced products for the world we love.

Printz, Owner

High quality print 24/7.


Jenna Ogilvie

Everybody Eats restaurant, Owner

Foodie, bartender, socialite.


Carley Finn

Mayangi Co., Owner

Obsessed with pastels, floral patterns, and always up for a collaborative project.


Marcy Gagné

Mayangi Co., Clothing Designer

Loves the smell of leather in the morning.


Tim Mayangi

Costella Eyeware, Owner

Making the world a better place one pair of eyewear at a time.


Lori Costella

barney's, tailor

Sewing is my superpower.


Jay Abdala

group-x, social media manager

Creating engaging online campaigns for my favorite fashionistas.


Jamie Charlebois

nadobny studio, owner

Let no special moment go uncaptured.


Anne Nadobmy