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The Medicinehaus series is the perfect integration of storage and luxury for your bathroom. The WHRAX-40 double door medicine cabinet is made from anodized aluminum, which has numerous benefits. Anodized aluminum can’t be affected by ultraviolet rays and resists chipping or peeling. The maintenance of anodized aluminum is simple; cleaning the cabinet with soap and water is all that is needed to restore a dirty surface to its original appearance. Anodizing is a safe process for human health, so the cabinets are also eco-friendly, non-toxic, and noncorrosive. The cabinet is also surface mounted, so it has the added benefit of an easy installation; it’s as simple as hanging a picture on the wall. The customizable glass shelves let you change shelf height based on your needs.

Medicinehaus double door anodized aluminum column cabinet.
– Adjustable shelf heights
– Cabinet available in four heights

Overall Dimensions:
39⅜” H x 13” W x 6¾” D