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Magic Flush Eco-Friendly Toilets gives consumers a solution to making their home green.  This collection of toilets allows for limited use per flush, for up to 84% reduction in water usage.  Magic Flush Toilets with a siphonic action dual flush system, allows you choose a full or partial flush with the simple push of the top mounted button.  Bold in presence yet tasteful in style, these toilets have a one piece design with the addition an elongated bowl and soft drop seat for comfort. Extremely sanitary with a glazed dropway provides you with easy cleaning of the interior, and the stylish, smooth skirt allows for easy cleaning of the exterior.  With 1.6/1.1 gpf, WaterSense Certified and Cupc approved, Magic Flush WHMFL3222-EB provides significant water savings without effecting performance and is the perfect eco-friendly choice for any bathroom


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Magic Flush eco-friendly one piece toilet with a siphonic action dual flush system, an elongated bowl, and a 1.6/1.1 GPF capacity.
– Height (including seat): 15½”
– Soft-drop seat
– Top lever placement
– Rough in: 12”

Overall Dimensions:
 15½”x 27″x 24½”


cupc     watersense


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