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The Musichaus series is the perfect integration of storage and technology for your bathroom. This never before seen technology provides you with a completely new experience while getting ready for your day. Equipped with USB, SD card and Bluetooth capabilities, a FM radio, two built-in speakers, an electrical outlet, defogger, and a blue lit LED power button with a dimmer, this cabinet really has it all. The single door WHLUN7055-OR is made of anodized aluminum, which has numerous benefits. Anodized aluminum is easy to clean, will never chip or peel and is noncorrosive. Measuring at 27½” x 21 2/3” x 5,” this top of the line medicine cabinet will create a focal point in your bathroom while offering functional luxury of roomy storage.

Musichaus single door anodized aluminum cabinet with USB, SD card, and Bluetooth compatibility, FM radio, two built-in speakers, electric outlet, defogger, and blue-lit LED power button and dimmer for light around the front.
– Double-faced mirrored door
– Mirror-faced back wall
– Two height-adjustable glass shelves
– 110-degree soft-closing hinges

Overall Dimensions:
27½” H x 21⅔” W x 5” D

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